Dr. Carlene SSD Solution Base

SSD Solution Laboratory

At Solution SSD Laboratory we are serving society through science and are continually advancing to bring your the sole products. We stand out in cleaning bank stained notes from pink to dark colored money. Our way of items and administrations serve the monetary business as a whole , where our principle customers are banks and helpful association singular organizations and gatherings are welcome as well. We are one among the main SSD programmed arrangement, vectrol glue, TTZ Universal Solution, Zuta S4, Castrox Oxide HQ45, SSD Solution PK 58 wholesaler and producer. We practices inside the science of hostile to breeze monetary orders. we choose to be a supportable organization with profound client experiences and intriguing associations with all partners with regards to mechanical synthetic compounds, marked agri and purchaser items, having the chance to significantly increase market capitalization by 2020.

SSD Chemicals Laboratory Produces a determination of synthetic substances, powders to be wont to clean a wide range of monetary certificates and furthermore has the CLS Laser cleaning machine to deal with more regrettable instances of monetary certificates.

Our SSD Chemical Solution Products

Our items shift from :
Humine Activation
SSD Solution
SSD super Solution
SSD Super Automatic Solution
SSD PK58 Solution
SSD Universal Solution
SSD Master Solution
SSD D2 Fuse Solution
SSD Virus Termi Solution

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With the usage of all the above synthetic compounds, our experts are prepared to clean dark or ruined monetary orders people dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian dollar , Euro, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Kuwaiti dinar , South African Rand, Egyptian Pound, Japanese Yen, Ghana Cedis, Korean Won, Chinese Renminbi, Thailand Baht, Brazilian Real, Central African Francs and each one other nearby monetary standards and reestablish.